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Arlene Zavocki Stewart

Arlene Zavocki Stewart
Domain Specialist
Triconic LLC

Arlene Zavocki Stewart is the Domain Specialist for Triconic. She also owns AZS Consulting, Inc. which specializes in energy efficient and sustainable building compliance, training and certification. Stewart works with non-profits and government agencies to identify and fix barriers to market transformation and code implementation as well as private industry seeking to understand, excel in and develop product for the energy efficiency and green building sectors.

Stewart’s career accomplishments include being named 2012 Associate Member of the Year by the Florida Home Builders Association for her advocacy work on energy efficiency, codes and green building, advising the Florida Energy Office on the duct testing provisions for the ENERGY STAR HVAC Rebate program, developing the certification program for Florida Water Star℠, and introducing commercial lighting densities to the Florida Building Code (FBC), estimated to save over 150 million kW per year.

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