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Darrell Lehman

President & Chief Executive Officer
Triconic LLC

As President & Chief Executive Officer of Triconic, Darrell Lehman has 37 years and counting in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry. Darrell’s goal at Triconic is to make the entire process of creating branded certification programs efficient and easy to use for clients. In addition to leading Triconic, Darrell has his own consulting business, DKLSolutions LLC. Darrell advises TIC companies, their customers, and stakeholders in strategy development to improve operational efficiencies, creating new business models, forging alliances, and acquisitions. All are critical in keeping TIC companies competitive and moving faster to meet condensing time-to-market cycles for their clients.

A large majority of Darrell’s career was spent as SVP of Intertek's Global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) business. Intertek’s Global ICT business line serves the TIC needs of clients from: hardware, content and software, consumer electronics, telecoms, and networks. Before becoming SVP, Darrell led worldwide mergers and acquisitions for Intertek’s C&E Division, introduced global business development, and co-led the division's Key Industry initiatives. Darrell has held TIC executive positions in laboratory management, sales and marketing, and business development.

Not only has Darrell worked with many of the global leaders in TIC; he has also provided critical TIC solutions to some of the largest manufacturing companies, trade associations, and governments groups. Darrell holds degrees in both Architectural Technology and Management and Information Technology.

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