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Triconic designs, builds and operates certification programs for certification program sponsors


From start to finish, let us do the work

From the initial program design and structure, to running a Sponsor’s certification program, Triconic does the work and makes the process of creating certification programs easy for your organization! From start to finish, we offer a complete approach. Triconic’s experienced team does the research, planning, prototyping and developing for our certification program sponsors.


Team of experts

Throughout the entire process of creating branded certification programs, our team of experts guides you through the process efficiently and with ease. Our team has decades of experience in the Testing Inspection Certification (TIC) industry and can adapt a program to your certification area. You can be assured your organization is in good hands.


We can create new programs for your organization

Has your organization needed a way to validate products or services, but been overwhelmed by how to get your program developed? Are you intimidated by the expense to start a program? Is your program poised for a growth spurt that is too big for your current staff? We can help with any or all of these! We provide a user-friendly certification experience, complete with software based certification tools, so your clients can obtain their certifications quickly and easily. Check back often as our site is being developed.

If you need immediate help

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